DeveloperDays with Scott Hunter and Scott Hanselman

DeveloperDays conference I came back yesterday after two day conference .NET DeveloperDays taking place in Warsaw. This year edition gathered around five hundred developers from all around the Europe. Conference main focus lies in Microsoft development areas including Windows, Visual Studio, Azure, ASP.NET and many other related technologies. Organizers made sure to invite many well known and experienced speakers including “Hi, I’m Scott” Hanselman – a teacher, programmer, blogger and maybe most importantly guardian of community around ASP.NET 5 as a keynote speaker Scott Hutner – Principal Program Manager at Microsoft who gave momentum to latest changes in ASP.NET Clemens

Configuration Providers

NOTE: This article has been edited 16-10-2015 to line up with ASP.NET 5 beta8 latest changes Application configuration so common task that designers of new .NET decided that it will be one of the central components. There are many configuration providers available to use out of the box with DNX. Configuration is loaded as a hierarchy and programmer has control over the sources and the order of loading process. This comes in handy as a standardized way of handling repeatable task. With feature complete 1.0.0-beta8 release I feel that it is the right time to take a closer look at

Gulp tasks and TFS

Having TFS on board can be pleasure and pain in the same time. I like TFS for it’s integration with Visual Studio, great support for Code Review and checkin polices. But on the other hand it sometimes just gets in my way. I have a feeling that integration between newly on-boarded ASP.NET 5 tools like bower or gulp and TFS Visual Studio tooling can be a little better and that it’s designed more to be used with Git or Svn. One of the problems I had with TFS is that every time I started gulp task to clean css and